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BisB, The barber is back is more than a simple barber shop, it’s craftsman area established in Lucca old town.

Bisb was born in 2014 carrying out the tradition started by barber Giuliano Ghini in 1965 in the same place: he was an expert in traditional italian hair cut and shaving with fixed blade razors.
His techniques in hair cutting and shaving, his abilities in sharpening ancient razors from 1800 and 1900 with natural stones are only two of bisb’s

Gestures learned by italian barbers from the post-war are carried out by bisb’s specialists. You live bisb daily as in ancient times, without any reservations but simply dedicating some moments to himself.

On Sunday it is possible to book the entire shop and the barber for 2 hours for a particular treatment with your favorite music in background, sipping wiskey,tea,beer and living a unique experience.

The barber is back is located in Via Vittorio Emanuele, an historical shop with more than 50 years of tradition.

Here only fixed blade razors are permitted. Our tools are forged by expert craftsmen who respect the skin not comparable to modern razor blades. These are the requirements for a tailoring shaving. Razors are chosen comsidering customer’s skin.