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Our barbers

Andrea Cottone

He was born in Lucca in 1989 from a craftsman and a hairdresser.
He studied as a surveyor, always with his cleats on and succeed in his team jersey, Lucchese football team.
While he was studying as a geologist and experimenting hair cutting on friends he met Filippo Michelini.
As a visionary Filippo suddendly noticed his natural attitude for male hair cutting and decided to invest on Andrea’s potential talent.
From that moment a new career took up and Andrea learned the job directly experimenting it in the shop, helped by filippo’s knowledges,
as happened in Renaissance’s “atelier”.
From that moment Andrea met,observed,experimented the job and techniques of several colloeagues from Firenze,Milan, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, munchen,Lisbon,Lund,London,Copenhagen,
Budapest,Zagabria and practiced his job in Lucca, where -together with Filippo – he developed the male part of the barber shop.
Resemblance between the two grew up, it was spontaneously fed by the mutual passion for this job and desire to learn each other.
One night, after closing, while they were together to analyse the job of the day they had a great idea: to create a place for hair cutting, only for men

Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez Vega,Spanish born in Sevilla, he’s a great lover of traditional fixed blade shaving and sharpening. Especially when it comes to japanease razors (kamisori) and sharpening techniques on natural stones coming from Japan.
He arrived in Lucca after his work experience in one of the best barber shop in Spain.

After participating to a training course
Thaught by Andrea Cottone in Spain, he fell in love with italian traditional shaving and decided to start a new life. He moved to Lucca, looking for the best of shaving and the absolute perfection in sharpening.

Chiara Alderighi

Born in Florence in 1990 but made in the Seventies.
She spent her childhood playing with kids. Obstinate,perfectionist, a straight-A-student.
Treading on soul music local “parquet” she succeed with the highest grade in classical studies before, and philosophy then.
While studying a phone call came: from 2013 she experienced barbery first-hand. She came into contact with barber shop life by shaving all wrinkly faces and cleaning the soap on cards.
She met bisb in 2008, when she started a learning process culminated with her work at Scapicchio’s shop. From that moment she fell in love with fixed blade technique.
The first female barber joining bisb team